A Premier Windows conservatory can be much more than just a traditional garden room. Unlike other rooms in your house, there is no set use for a conservatory, so you can create a room that is as flexible as you need.

Many people use a conservatory as a sitting room but it can also be used as a kitchen, home office or den. With a complete range of styles available you can be sure that we will have just the right design to suit your needs.

We start at the planning stage by taking into account any official Permissions that may be required such as planning permission or building regulations, The design of your garden and of course the style you would like. You can choose from Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian, Gable, Lean-To, 'L' and 'P' shapes and even Orangeries.

Built using on the highest quality materials, with a complete choice of colours and building materials you can be sure that from the early planning stages to the final completion, a Premier Windows conservatory will be handled with care an expertise from start to finish.