A Rated uPVC Windows

All Premier's uPVC windows are surveyed and tailor made to replace old windows in your existing property. Using a combination of top openers, side openers and fixed panes the range of window styles available is immense so you are sure to find a design to suit your home.

Your new windows can include additional top openers to help increase ventilation or add side openers for maximum ventilation and more importantly means of fire escape. It may be that some windows are designed with a greater glass area to enhance your view... either way, you decide.

In addition various decorative glass options will help maintain consistency throughout your property or can often be added to enhance standard window types.

Furniture Options
To further enhance the appearance of your windows and to match your existing internal fittings you may want to consider our alternative hardware colours. Premier's Tricept window furniture is available in white, chrome, gold or black which also compliments our selection of door furniture which is available in the same colours.